Scaling up IQM’s quantum computing manufacturing with technical documentation

“Cooperation with Huld was smooth, the consultants were proficient and determined. I have respect for the speed at which Huld consultants absorbed the essential pieces of information in a field totally new to them.” – Juha Vartiainen, Co-founder, IQM.

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IQM is the European leader in quantum computing with a mission to build quantum computers for the wellbeing of humankind, now and for the future.

IQM builds machines to achieve quantum advantage and solve real-world problems that no classical computer could ever solve. From finance to energy, medicine to material sciences, logistics to advanced industries, quantum computing speed up discoveries and breakthroughs to improve the lives of everyone.

To streamline IQM’s quantum computing manufacturing even further, IQM created a scaling program to speed up their building processes. As a part of the program, IQM teamed up with Huld to bring the quantum computer installation process to the next level with high quality technical documentation.

“IQM is an R&D heavy organization with track record in building quantum computer prototypes. In balance, Huld has a track record in creating technical documentation for demanding products. Collaboration seemed natural as IQM was in a process of establishing and improving delivery processes and training the delivery personnel for the international deliveries and customers.” – Juha Vartiainen, Co-founder, IQM.

Technical documentation and quantum computing

There are no ready-made blueprints or previous paths to walk on in quantum computing. All the designing, testing, and manufacturing must be made from scratch. The same goes with creating technical documentation for installing the quantum computers.

Huld’s experts visited IQM premises to learn about the computers. The iterative work flowed with Huld presenting ideas and IQM giving feedback. Bit by bit, the technical documentation took shape. Throughout the process Huld visited IQM to see the installation process in action, giving the designers a deeper insight on the different details and technicalities of the installation work.

“All the wires, delicate parts, and components had to be taken into careful consideration in the documentation process. With clear instructions, we can make sure that the product is installed correctly and with proper care, regardless how much the installer knows about quantum computing.” – Vesa Heikkilä, Senior visual design specialist, Huld.

Technical documentation made simple

The close collaboration resulted in clear and precise installation instructions. Easy-to-follow, step by step documentation made the product installation not only faster, but safer. High quality technical documentation helped simplify the installation process during product commissioning, allowing IQM to focus on the core of their expertise, engineering hardware and software for quantum computing.

“Installing a superconducting quantum computer requires expertise from numerous technical fields, leading to a situation where no single expert is able to write a comprehensive system-level assembly manual. Collecting the technical information from various experts and condensing it as easily understandable unambiguous instructions is a task where Huld’s technical documentation expertise was greatly appreciated.” – Juha Vartiainen, Co-founder, IQM.