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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture guides your organization through business, information, process, and technology changes. Our experienced enterprise architects can help you whether it is about shaping the overall strategy or designing and visualizing flows and architecture.

Enterprise architecture applies architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through business, information, process, and technology changes.

Enterprise Architecture drives business growth

Our large knowledge pool allows us to comprehend and tackle complex digital transformation processes to drive growth towards business targets, be responsive to rapid change and to be the industry leader. This structuring, organizing and standardizing of IT infrastructure is called Enterprise Architecture, and we consider it as the key building block when an organization wants to keep up in the rapidly changing environment.

Understanding the flows of people, information and technology enables organizations to benefit timely and securely from the possibilities of new technology, and to achieve the leading position. Understanding of EA determines the maturity of an organization to cope with changes and adapt to new strategies.

By providing common tools to business and other stakeholders and developers we augment design thinking and document the service design results.  It gives the organization a standard language that improves the efficiency of communication between non-technical and technical participants, thus reducing the risks of misunderstanding, non-compliance, low quality of deliverables and delays.

Why Enterprise Architecture?

Maintaining a solid and mature Enterprise Architecture strategy allows the organization to be resilient and adaptable, having an impact on all processes and data tracking. It is the link in sociotechnical design that connects people, businesses and processes to efficient, adaptable, maintainable, and more usable technology.

Faster implementations with higher success rates

Poorly done Enterprise Architecture slows down the implementation of new systems and technologies, and makes it more difficult, time-consuming, and costly to adapt to changes. By partnering with an experienced enterprise architect, a good understanding of the business strategy can be established, allowing the design methodology to be fully leveraged.

Better business decisions with lower risk

Enterprise Architecture does not only have technical implications, but it also improves business agility, accelerating the Time to Market. This enhances compliance and risk management, allowing better informed investment decisions.

How can we help your organization with Enterprise Architecture?

Are you committed to paving the way towards agile transformation? Our experienced enterprise architects can help you whether it is about

  • Shaping the overall EA strategy.
  • Designing and visualizing flows and architecture.
  • Preparing for Data Protection Impact Analysis (DPIA), Security Management Systems (ISMS), Quality Management and other systems.
  • Public procurement processes.
  • Reviewing existing architecture.

Success stories


Pirha – Accessible Website with UX/UI Design

Vaasan Sähkö

Vaasan Sähkö mobile app provides a quick and easy way to manage daily energy matters

Hilla Group

Flexible user interface design for Hilla Group’s online services


User-centred web development created Lomaunelmia webservice in record time


Anyone can now design compatible applications to Suunto smart watches – SuuntoPlus™


ABB and Devatus looking into the potential of DeviceVault in remote access of physical devices

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