We Don’t Manufacture Packages: We Study, Optimize, and Design Them

We help you in the field of packaging, whether you need holistic packaging harmonization, logistics optimization, or manufacturing drawings, graphics, or instructions of a single packaging solution. All our projects aim to keep costs and environmental impact low, taking the whole logistics chain into consideration.

Sustainable Packaging Design

We have decades of experience in a variety of packing materials, and we are eager to try out the newest innovations on the market.

Sustainability has always been in the core of our design, and we aim to consider the full logistics chain to make sure your solutions are truly as friendly on the environment as they can be. We value your environmental strategy and help you make informed decisions of the options currently available, but also have a vision for the future.

The ownership of the project’s final results are always yours, so you can tender your packages freely, benefiting of our wide network of suppliers. We evaluate the monetary and environmental impact of the packaging design and can handle all the tendering for you.

Making Your Life Easier with Packaging Design

New to packaging? In addition to designing a package that is a perfect fit for your brand and product, we guide you through material and supplier selection, giving you an overall introduction to the world of sustainable packaging. If you wish to start the optimization of your packaging, we are happy to look for the best opportunities for you to find savings in packaging, storing, and logistics, all while minimizing the environmental impact.

Already have the knowledge of packaging basics? You can come to us with your specific needs or complex issues that need solving. We tackle all kinds of projects from simple packaging modifications to obscure quality issues, or company-wide packaging studies. If you are unsure of our expertise suiting your unique needs, be sure to give us a call and we’ll see if we are the right partner for you.

Performance Guided Packaging Design for Usability

A well-designed package protects the product during transportation and storage and gives the customer a feeling of quality from the start.

With us, the packaging design work is always rooted in a good understanding of yours and your customers’ needs. Our designs are always done with emphasis on durability, usability, and sustainability with other factors weighed in according to your needs. Whether we design according to cargo optimization, packaging look and feel, or ergonomics, is up to you.


Optimized Logistics and Transport Packages for Safe and Sustainable Transportation

The most important purpose of transport packages is to protect the product and its packaging during logistics, and enable its appropriate handling.

Optimized package sizes and cargo planning will help cut carbon footprint and costs in logistics and storage. Innovative packaging structures and features will enable safe and ergonomic disassembly and installation of the product.

Consultation Services to Solve Quality Problems and Increase Profitability

Trouble within the supply chain? When solving challenges in production or logistics, simply reinforcing the package may not be the optimal solution.

We aim to find the root cause and solve the correct issues. We create packaging guidelines, plan and perform package testing, and help mechanical designers consider packaging at the early stages of the product development.

We will be your partner in all packaging related projects and help you streamline your packing design to the fullest.

Looking for Sustainable Packaging Design?

Climate change presents an ever-growing challenge of conserving global resources. As waste legislation is tightened and material scarcity and logistics costs are driving the prices up, the importance of material optimization is constantly increasing.

To estimate the carbon footprint of different packaging design materials, use our Green Packaging calculator here.

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