A Comprehensive View on Packaging

Well-designed product packages protect the product during transportation and storage and enable the transport of the product either in its own package or in a separate transport package. Whether looks, costs or environmental factors are prioritized, our designers will find the optimal solution.

The most important purpose of transport packages is to protect the product and the product packaging during logistics. Structurally, the packaging must protect the product from potential dangers during transportation and enable appropriate handling. Optimized package sizes and cargo planning will help to cut costs in logistics and storage.

We offer both disposable and reusable packaging solutions. Our designers can provide you with an estimate on the profitability of each solution.

When solving challenges in production or logistics simply reinforcing the package may not be the optimal solution. We aim to find the root cause and solve the correct issues. We create packaging guidelines, help mechanical designers consider packaging at early stages of product development and calculate costs and environmental impacts.

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