Embedded Solutions

Embedded Software Development

Embedded software in machinery, space, railway, mining, medical, IoT, or defence domain – you name it, we have expertise for it.

Experienced Embedded Software Development

We provide the full embedded software development cycle from concepts and prototypes to full system implementation including QA and documentation.

Our team has years of experience in designing embedded software ranging from computational heavy machine vision solutions to low power IoT sensors. We have expertise in space, medical, industrial and consumer segments.  Our projects and built with proven technologies to provide cost efficient solutions to our customer.

We have capability to help customer in smaller assignments or deliver a smart device product as a complete delivery, including software, mechanical and electronic design from a single place, which is definitely a significant advantage for the customer. We provide anything from simple Proof of Concept to complete products.

We offer also consulting services, e.g., feasibility and technology studies, requirement analysis and systems engineering.


To make sure you are in the know, we use agile methodologies in our projects to provide visibility and transparency to your project schedule and progress.

Quality Assurance

From independent verification and validation to manual testing and full-blown test automation, we offer you top quality assurance.


  • Safety / Mission Critical solutions (Space, medical)
  • IoT and Cloud Integration
  • Connectivity (Cellular, LPWAN, BLE, Ethernet, Wireless technologies…)
  • AI/ML Systems
  • Low Power Devices
  • Bare Metal, RTOS, Linux based systems
  • Secure Solutions

Success stories

Varex Imaging

Varex Imaging – Speed, Safety and Quality with Huld’s Electronics Design


Sooma: User-Friendly Medical Device for Home Care


Huld to validate the software of MDA’s Canadarm3 robotic system


In the Future Minerals Might be Extracted from Materials Outside Planet Earth

Thales Alenia Space France

Huld’s software will control the PLATO space telescope searching for habitable worlds


Ensto One Takes Electric Car Chargers into a New Era

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Safe autonomous underground mining supported by 5G and edge intelligence

Safe autonomous underground mining supported by 5G and edge intelligence

VTT, Nokia, and Sandvik together with other Finnish companies, Huld included, have taken steps towards deploying state-of-the-art 5G private wireless networks and edge intelligence to support autonomous mining.

The launch of Meteosat Third Generation-Imager 1 was a success!

The launch of Meteosat Third Generation-Imager 1 was a success!

Meteosat Third Generation-Imager 1 was launched from the European Space Centre in Kourou. The satellite’s lifecycle got an excellent start from the successful launch.

Innovative open-source GNSS receiver – Tiira

Innovative open-source GNSS receiver – Tiira

Tiira provides a benchmark solution for general GNSS processing and a framework for development of any new algorithm you can imagine.